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The pictures on this page are of those birds that are visiting the Modesto California backyard in Spring and Summer. Photos will be added as these backyard wild birds are caught on camera. And, one can only hope for the camera to be ready as those most delightful bird scenes are taking place. These picture are taken with a Fugi FinePix camera. And for these Spring, Summer pictures a telescopic lens is added.

Sparrows and Finch Pictures - The month indicates when each photo was taken. You can click on some pictures to see a larger view.

sparrow bird photo
Sparrow on fountain, White-crowned
(Will be leaving end of April)

white crowned sparrow bird photo
White-crowned sparrow
Although here in the Fall and Winter, they do stay through the end of April.
( Click on photo for more info)
backyard for birds
New, favorite area of birds at the backyard.
You can click on picture to see a larger view .
Carolyn's Backyard Bird Journal Spring/Summer

New Bird photos:
Video movie clip.
white crowned sparrow photo
White-crowned Sparrow (7")
Drinking or bathing?
Click photo to view answer
white throated sparrow bird photo
White Throated Sparrow (6 3/4")
Notice yellow spot before eye, dark beak
Rare in our area
Spotted 1 day only in March

house sparrow photo
House Sparrow, female
sparrows bird picture
Female House Sparrow (left)
and 2 male house sparrows
Quick id for house sparrows, gray cap
house sparrow
House Sparrow (6") - male
Notice his spring darker coloring, and more black bib
american goldfinch bird photo
American Goldfinch (5") male
red finch photo
House Finch (5 3/4"), male (red)
Seen red, yellow and orange this season.

Lesser Goldfinch (4 1/2 ")
See closeup
& lots of lesser goldfinch cling to finch bag...
house finch photo
House Finch, male (red) and female

Bird colorings are changing, especially on many of the male birds. It's hoped to capture more of these deeper, darker, colorful spring/summer birds on camera and post pictures here.

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Dove, Mockingbirds, Jays, Magpies, Robins & mixed Birds Photos

Most of the dove seem to be paired off...lots of chasing and courting

March 16:First baby doves leave the nest.
March 26th:Neighbor Gene spots a Rufus Hummingbird in his backyard. And later this day the Rufus Hummingbird visits the nectar feeder in this backyard.
AprilScrub Jays nesting and very aggressive.

NOTE:Bird sizes have been added to photos. Measurement is from beak to end of tail.
westerm  scrub jay photo
Western Scrub Jay (11 1/2")
northern mockingbird photo Northern Mocking bird (10 1/2")
Sun bathing or guarding?
photo of dove
Mourning Dove (12") perched in tree
checking out safety
of eating area below

dove spots photo
Mourning dove
california quail photo California Quail (10")
mourning dove photo Mourning Dove on top of bubbling fountain
magpie photo
Magpie (17"), yellow-billed (Central California only)
western scrub jay photo
This backyard bird loves taking baths
(You can click on photo to see more)

Check back for more pictures

Hummingbird Pictures Click here

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Other Birds Pictures

audubon's warbler
Yellow-rumped Audubon's Warbler
(5 1/2")
bushtit bird photo
Bushtit (4 1/2")
A mini bird. Flits around inside trees and bushes..always moving. Makes sounds something like a humming bird

Grosbeak, Black-headed Male
yellow warbler
Yellow Warbler - Male
All yellow with reddish streaks on breast

Spring / Summer Bird Visitors to this Modesto Backyard

Sparrows Lots of House Sparrows. The last white crowned sparrows left April 29th.
House Finch Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange
Lessser Goldfinch Lots of Lesser Goldfinch, perhaps 50 in this backyard.
American Goldfinch  
Hummingbirds Anna's, Black-chinned, Rufus(2008)
The Flowering Maple is very popular with the hummingbirds in this backyard.
Western Scrub Jay  
Northern Mockingbird  
Hawk Sharp Shinned hawk not seen again after March 27th
Warbler The yellow rumped audubon's warbler left at the end of March
Yellow Warbler Up and around in the trees looking to drink from the stone fountain
Quail, California  
Woodpecker, Acorn  
Sapsucker, Willamson's  
Robin, American  
Magpie, Yellow-billed  
Parakeet, wild  
Black-headed Grosbeak Likes the black oiled sunflower seed the best. Uses the ground feeder and hanging feeder.
Oriole, Bullock's  
Starling, European Likes to bathe on top of stone fountain in this backyard. The young cry sounds like a little puppy yap, and high pitched shrill
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Do you have a wild bird photo that you would like to share? If so, attach it to an email and send it to Carolyn   If you can size the picture down that would be best, approximately 200x200. Be sure to write your 1. name (first/& or last), 2. The bird type (such as sparrow, finch, etc.) 3. your town and state, 4. Approximate date of the picture or SEASON (winter, spring, summer, fall) 5. Any comments you might want to add about your bird picture.     View pictures from other areas...

Especially welcomed are those wild bird pictures from around California's Central Valley. However, any special bird picture will be considered regardless of your location, a good picture is a good picture.

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Michael Beeve consultant. Thanks Michael for helping with those tougher bird ID's & questions - Carolyn
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