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Welcome to the Backyard Birds of Modesto website.

There are a lot of little birds that come to the backyard feeder in Modesto.
This site will concentrate on these little birds -- sparrows and finches --  at a backyard in Modesto.

Ahead you will find information and pictures of sparrows, finch and other birds that frequent Modesto during different seasons.

This site is for the beginning Modesto birder, and anyone else who enjoys observing birds, spending a little time enjoying nature online.

Music: The bird blues

    Modesto beginning birder, Carolyn, will:

  • Present bird behavior and psychology of finches, dove, and sparrows.

  • Post Summer/Spring pictures of birds that frequent a Modesto Backyard.

  • Post Winter/Fall pictures of birds that frequent a Modesto Backyard.

  • Identify the type of sparrows, finches that are in the largest quantities in a Modesto Backyard, according to season.

  • Give local Modesto information on bird supplies, feed dealers, fountains, feeders, clubs, etc.

You can locate the navigation buttons down the side and at the bottom of each page.  These buttons will link you to (ID and other information about) Sparrows, Finches, Dove, Bird behavior, Bird Supplies & books,  and Links & clubs.

Carolyn Passalaqua

Back Yard Birds of Modesto
"Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health"

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