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The pictures on this page are of those birds that are visiting the Modesto California backyard in Fall and Winter. Pictures will be added as these backyard wild birds are caught on camera. Of course one can only hope for the camera to be ready as those most delightful bird scenes are taking place. These picture are taken with a Fugi FinePix camera.

Sparrows, Finch, Junco, Towhee Pictures - The month indicates when each photo was taken. You can click on some pictures to see a larger view.

Message September 15:
The first White-crowned Sparrow of the season arrives, right about on schedule!

  The Great Backyard Bird Count.
Carolyn's Backyard Bird Journal Fall/Winter

New Bird pictures:
Video movie clip.
sparrow bird picture
Sparrow in persimmon tree

This corner area is the birds favorite area at the backyard.
You can click on picture to see a closer view of ground area the birds like the best...
white crowned sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
( Click on photo for more information)

spotted male towhee
Spotted Towhee - Winter
Male 8 1/4"
lincoln's sparrow bird picture
Lincoln's Sparrow - February
Notice buffy wash across upper breast 5 1/2"
sparrows bird picture
House Sparrows splashing in water
sparrows bird picture
House Sparrows at feeder on the ground

sparrows bird picture

Sparrow hiding in bush
sparrow birds picture
House Sparrows bathing on stone fountain
junco bird picture
Dark-eyed Junco
sparrows, bird picture
House Sparrows taking bath
house finch bird
House Finch, red
The Goldfinch like this bird house filled with thistle and black sunflower seeds. They share it with house finch. Some of the seed falls to the ground which is eaten by the sparrows and dove

sparrows bird picture
... White-crowned Sparrow venturing a little way out from the bush to eat seed

more sparrow & finch pictures...

Some of those best pictures that show (1)the great number of birds and (2)the many antics of the birds in the Modesto Backyard were just seconds from being snapped. Those shots are still to be captured..... and posted here.

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Dove, Mockingbirds, Jays, Robins & mixed Birds Pictures

Robins around this backyard...they like the persimmons, one seen bathing in the water tray.
Message (Jan 12th):
Dove first cooing heard

Message (October):
Ringed Turtle-Dove a new addition to this backyard

Dove and Jay bird picture
Western Scrub Jay swoopes down towards dove
mourning dove bird picture
Mourning Dove
Picture of Turtle Dove
Ringed Turtle-Dove
Dove and sparrows bird picture
Mourning Dove walking to feeder, Sparrows in background
The dove like to stand inside the flat feeders to eat
Mockingbird picture
Mockingbird at persimmon tree

more dove, mockingbirds, jays, mixed birds, robin pictures...

Hummingbird Pictures

Hummingbird picture
Hummingbird at the feeder
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Other Birds Pictures

yellow bird picture
Yellow-rumped Audubon's Warbler, the size of a little bushtit but much trimmer...smaller than a canary, yellow throat and plain face. Was hopping around very fast from fence to japanesse maple to persimmon tree.. It looked like the mocking birds would chase it away but the yellow bird would still fly in and away before the mocking bird could swoop to it.
Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey
This is the 3rd time this season that the hawk has come around the backyard. The first time it was perched on top of the bubbling fountain.
The backyard birds hide deeply into the bushes and trees. It doesn't take long before the little birds come back out of the bushes/trees.
Black Phoebe

This bird, very friendly in this backyard. Alights, and flys around onto a different perch.
Info: The Black Phoebe is a type of flycatcher. It builds a mud and grass nest. It was eyeing the area around the fountain, it often selects an area near a mud puddle for it's nest site.
yellow bird picture
Cedar Waxwings
Yellow-billed Magpie
Magpie, Yellow-billed

Winter / Fall Bird Visitors to the Modesto Backyard

Sparrows Sept 18th - The first White Crowned Sparrow arrives. A favorite bird at this backyard. House, Song, Lincoln's, Golden-crowned, Fox sparrow
Finch House finch, American Goldfinch, Lesser Goldfinch
Western Scrub Jay  
Cedar Waxwings Arrived in flocks of 20-80 birds.. Likes the berries in the city trees, and persimmons
Hawk Sharp-shinned, Red-shouldered
Robins Lots of Robins this year 10-50 at a time...eating berries and persimmons
Magpie, Yellow-billed  
Starlings Quite a few this year eating persimmons
Northern Flicker January
Woodpecker Downey Woodpecker
Warblers Yellow-rumped Audubon's, Common Yellowthroat, Orange-crowned
Oak Titmouse  
Black Phoebe New bird to this backyard! See picture above.
Dark-eyed Junco Friendly birds
Hermit Thrush  
Towhee Spotted Towhee
    "The Great Backyard Bird Count"
New       Carolyn's Backyard Birding Journal

Do you have a wild bird photo that you would like to share? If so, attach it to an email and send it to Carolyn   If you can size the picture down that would be best, approximately 200x200. Be sure to write your 1. name (first/& or last), 2. The bird type (such as sparrow, finch, etc.) 3. your town and state, 4. Approximate date of the picture or SEASON (winter, spring, summer, fall) 5. Any comments you might want to add about your bird picture.     View pictures from other areas...see pics of bushtit, baby goldfinch, townsends warbler titmouse & more..

Especially welcomed are those wild bird pictures from around California's Central Valley. However, any special bird picture will be considered regardless of your location, a good picture is a good picture.

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Michael Beeve Birding Consultant. Thanks Michael for helping with those tougher bird ID's & questions - Carolyn
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