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Below are links to buy online birding binoculars, binocular digital camera, bird watching books, bird houses, nesting box, feeders, birdwatching magazine and bird supplies.

Also listed below are feed stores, and other businesses in the Modesto California area that have bird related products, such as hummingbird feeders and fountains.

If you know of any additional stores, bird watching books, birding binoculars, digital camera or bird supplies that you especially like, then please write so the information can be added to this page. Thanks.

Buy Online: birding binoculars, bird watching books, digital camera, bird houses, feeders...

Below are some favorite items enjoyed by this bird watcher; wish list items; and gift ideas for the bird enthusiast.

Build Birdhouse

30 ounce Hummingbird Feeder

#1 Choice Pick
Binoculars for bird watching
After receiving a canon with stabilizer I hate to be without this set of binoculars. The "stabilizer" on the binoculars really helps in viewing the birds more clearly.

The Fuji Finepix S5200 Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom.

New idea:
Camera and Binoculars combo. Received good reviews at

Metal Construction Thistle Feeder

Although my favorite binocs are the above canon,I bought these binocs as a second pair. These are wonderful binoulars at a low price!

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Shopping - Gift Ideas

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Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo
Audubon, John James
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DVDs - 3 discs
A work of art. A global look at the winged species, focuses on bird behaviors.


An awe-inspiring, critically acclaimed documentary of migrating birds through 40 countries and every continent.

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Bird Supplies, feed / seed, feeders, Information

Store Name Address Phone Comment
J S West 9th & G Street Modesto, CA (209)577-3221 Bulk Feed such as Thistle, dove mix. 50 lb Bags of wild bird feed mix, finch mix.
Stanislaus Farm Supply 624 E. Service Rd 538--7070 General Wild bird feed, 25lb bag and 50lb Brand Western Delight from the seed factory in Turlock.
Crossroads Feed & Ranch Supply 118 Albers Rd 524-7643  
Note: Farmer's Best Seed closed shop in Modesto
Their Oakdale store will still be open.
- - 25 and 50 lb bags, or by the lb.
Modesto Feed

(Be sure to look for the adopted cat who likes to sleep inside the store.)
5437 Mc Henry Ave 526-9589 50 lb bags of my personal favorite Wild bird mix (Western Delight) and Finch mix (Birds Delight) from the Seed Factory. Bulk feed by the lb
Orchard Supply 2800 Sisk Rd
1800 0akdale Rd
Wild bird mix, Wild Finch mix, Niger. Carries hard to find ant guards for hummingbird feeders and the hard to find window hummingbird feeder (holds onto window with a suction cup).
Lowe's 3801 Pelandale Ave 545-7676 Carrying a new line of birding supplies, National Geographic. Bird seed feeders including feeders with bubble covers. Hummmingbird feeders & Bird seed.

Fountains, bird baths & Plants, Information

Store Name Address Phone Comment
Creative Water Gardens 19777 Mc Henry Av Escalon 838-8650 This business has very beautiful gardens with many (maybe 70) operating fountains, & so many beautiful fountains to choose between. It's enjoyable simply to walk through the place. You'll feel like you're at the gardening landscaped exhibits at the fair.
Scenic Nursery 1313 Scenic Drive Modesto 523-7978 A nice selection of fountains. Enjoyed their guest speaker from the wildlife refuge.
Hischier Nursery 1520 Standiford Ave 523-7978 Has some nice fountains on display. They have more you can choose from in their many catalogs at the store.
Orchard Supply 2800 Sisk Rd 577-5686 Has quite a few fountains to choose from in their outside garden area.

Out of area

Special Bird supplies out of area

Store Name Address Phone Comment
The Bird Feeder Ocean and Soquel, Santa Cruz
(Located in a small shopping center)
-- For valley people escaping the heat to the Santa Cruz area: Be sure to visit The Bird Feeder, it has just about everything a bird watcher could want.

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