Water - drinking and bathing stations - Backyard Birds of Modesto

Below are some pictures of water stations for birds in this backyard - tiered fountain, trays, bird bath and stone fountain. The birds use all of these for drinking and bathing.

bird bath
Bird Bath
This bird bath can be filled to a deeper level; the scrub jays prefer this for their bath.
bird bath
Full view of Bird Bath.
Plastic trays.
The white-crowned sparrows take over this area during Fall/Winter in this backyard. However the goldfinch, Audubon's warbler, house finch and other visitors passing through choose this area to water and bathe.
3 tier & trays
Fuller view of water trays and 3 tier fountain (on the left).
The shallow top tier is very popular with the smaller birds such as hummingbirds, warblers, goldfinch, Lincoln sparrow...
water area
3 Tier Fountain and water trays.
The water trays are from Home Depot - they are trays that are sold to fit under plants. These also make good feed trays during summer, or anytime the weather is not wet. The fencing is for safety.
stone fountain
Stone Fountain.
Most birds use this fountain to drink and bathe - hummingbirds, dove, goldfinch, warblers, sparrows, etc.
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Panoramic view.
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