Backyard Birds and natural feeding areas - Backyard Birds of Modesto

Below are natural feeding areas in this backyard that are attractive to wild birds. The pictures below show a rustic landscaping habitat - using natural materials such as branches, tree limbs and leaves.

natural habitat
Branches and limbs from trees stacked.
tree limbs
This ground, near tree limbs stacked on top of each other, attracts birds.
tree limbs
White-crowned sparrows especially like this area for eating seed on ground.
pana view
A wider view of this natural feeding area.
pana view
Another view of this area.
closeup feeding area
Close-up showing White-crowned sparrows in this area.
leaves under tree
White-crowned sparrows like scratching feet in decaying leaves spread under the base of a tree. They find insects to eat.
leaves habitat
Closeup of White-crowned sparrows in leaves searching for insects.
The tree limbs provide cover from predators. This area is very much used by birds in this backyard -dove, sparrows, house finch and other birds passing through such as towhees and juncos.

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