Hanging feeders and above ground feeding stations - Backyard Birds of Modesto

Below are some pictures of hanging feeders and above ground feeding stations at this Modesto, California backyard. Among those feeders are the hanging platform and stationary platform. In this backyard the platform feeders seem to attract more varieties of birds.

3 stations
3 above ground stations.
4 stations
4 above ground stations.
Panoramic view of above-ground feeders.
metal hanging platform
Metal hanging platform feeder with holes in bottom for drainage. Hand made by brother in law Tom.
old tree
Old tree with hanging plastic feeder.
This tree lost all it leaves and died. But it makes a great mount for feeders. Also the birds gather insects from it.
nectar feeder
Nectar feeder with added red hood placed next to flowering maple, both a favorite of the hummingbirds. Also the orange-crowned warbler spends time here. The hood protects from wind, rain and harsh sun.
nectar feeder
Closer view of hanging nectar feeder. Notice cat stop attached under wooden arm.
hanging platform
Hanging platform feeder.

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